St Catherine of Siena Parish

Caroline Springs, VIC
Canonically Erected: 18 January 2006



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YMG Conference 2019

St Catherine of Siena Parish was proud to host the above conference at our newly completed CRC auditorium. We were blessed with eloquent speakers, great conversation and prayer and worship. Our speakers included Fr Paul Chandler, Fr John Corrigan, Fr Ken Barker and our guest speaker Tim Staples. We also heard testimony from Gary Pinto. Workshops were conducted by Matt and Julie MacDonald, Bro Sheldon Burke and Fr Richard Rosse (our host).  The day concluded with adoration led by Fr Ken Barker.

Many thanks to all that attended and especially to our guest speakers and workshop leaders..

Shalom World features Fr Richard in Vocare episode

GOD calls. And some say, “Yes.” Shalom World’s original series 'VOCARE' takes an in-depth look at the lives of those who have answered God’s call to the priesthood, examining the challenges they face, the joy of their ministries, and the spirituality that sustains them.

Parish Formation on the Liturgy

THE Church calls for the full, conscious and active participation of all the faithful in the liturgy (SC n.2). We can only achieve this if we know or understand what is going on during Mass. We are therefore presenting a series of video clips (see video below) to educate our parishioners about the liturgy with the end view of promoting reverence during Mass and be able to respond to the Church's call of full, conscious and active participation in the liturgy.