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"An inclusive, welcoming and dynamic faith-filled Catholic Community, living and sharing the Gospel, to set the world ablaze."

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Fr Richard's 2020 Christmas Message



Thursday 24th December 2020

My dear people,

The time of the year when we celebrate the birth of Our Lord has arrived. The birth of Jesus is a vital aspect in the history of the salvation of the human race for it is the birth of the person who will spend his life, particularly the three years of his ministry, pointing out to the rest of us how to live an authentic human life. [Read more]

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Thursday: 730pm

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Ready, Set, Pray!

The Ready, Set, Pray! Children’s Liturgy of the Word @ Home video series has been created to provide an engaging space for families to encounter Jesus through the Sunday gospel. Each week includes an invitation for families to create and gather in their own prayer space, to sing, hear the Gospel, pray and respond creatively through an activity.

St Mary MacKillop Commemorative Prayer Card

THE Sisters of St Joseph have created a commemorative prayer card and is offering them for free to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the canonisation of Saint Mary MacKillop of the Cross. [Read more]

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Archbishop Peter A Comensoli's 2020 Christmas Message

In his Christmas message for the community, Archbishop Peter A Comensoli reminds us that despite the weight of the global pandemic, the Child Jesus was born in a time just like this, and is in fact, born for such a time as this. 'He comes to us always in our need and our reality. Jesus is Christmas: then – now – always. Whether it is into a peaceful landscape, or a war-torn one; a time of uncertainty and isolation, or one of abundant friendship and family; whether it is in poverty or in plenty – the question we should ask is what is the kind of Christmas we want to live?'

Read: Statement re Change or Suppression (Conversion) Practices Prohibition Bill 2020‚Äč

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