Mary Mackillop Woods Way Pilgrimage


On 1st October 2019, members of the parish provided refreshments, sustenance and overnight accommodation to David Schutz, Joshua Martin and Sean Deany, who are walking pilgrims journeying the MacKillop Woods Way.

They have, earlier this year, completed the journey from St Mary MacKillop's birthplace in North Fitzroy to her tomb in North Sydney, a journey of 1278km. Now they have started the journey from her birthplace to the place of her religious calling in Penola, South Australia. This is a pilgrimage that will be completed in three ten-day stints with this year being from North Fitzroy to Skipton, next year Skipton to Portland and in 2021 Portland to Penola.

On the day of their stopover in Caroline Springs, they had walked the 28+km from North Fitzroy and the next day were departing for the next overnighter in Bacchus Marsh. They carry everything they need for their journey on their backs, but do not carry sleeping bags or tents and have no accompanying vehicle.

We wish them good health and good travelling on their journey.

David posts a blog and a journal of their pilgrimage at