Hearts on Fire Prayer Group


Dear Fellow Parishioners,

WE welcome 2018 by introducing a new Ministry into our Parish of St. Catherine of Siena. With the blessing of Father Richard, a new ‚Catholic Charismatic Prayer Group‛ has been established, to add a Charismatic dimension, to our praise, worship, prayer and learning.

The Core Leadership Group (lead by Charlie Gatt), are experienced, capable and gifted in Spirituality. They have journeyed with many people who wish to enhance the Faith and Spiritual dimension in their lives, and seek a closer relationship with Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

The Group believes that everyone is called by God to be on a spiritual journey of discipleship, and what matters, is not where a person is on that journey, but that they are actually on the journey itself.

Therefore, we seek to welcome all people who desire to enter with us, into a deeper personal relationship with Jesus, regardless of the stage of their spiritual life, their struggles or failures.

The Group is affiliated with the Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement in the Archdiocese of Melbourne, and will meet every Friday evening in the Church from 9 February 2018 at 7.30pm.


Meet the Core team:

THE Core Team consists of the following servant leaders; we look forward to meeting you. Our mission is to strive for the “Spread of His fragrance” to everyone.

Sandra & Charlie
Caroline & Ignatius




Gift from God

by Mary

Good morning everyone. My name is Mary (xx). I am standing here amongst you today as a wife, a mother of two, and as a strong believer of GOD. I give my testimony as evidence that God is real, God listens and God answers your prayers. In fact, GOD is the answer to all your troubles. If you fully surrender yourself to Him, He will take away your fears and provide you with the strength and endurance you require and with the salvation you seek.

About a year ago, I gave birth to my second child a beautiful baby boy named ISAIAH. Let me tell you, the nine months of pregnancy we faced was nothing less than absolute turmoil. I never thought that I would have to go through such difficulties as a young mother. My husband and I were ecstatic when we discovered that we were expecting our second child. Though getting pregnant was easy, the pregnancy was challenging from the very beginning. At six weeks, I experienced the start of 4 weeks of bleeding behind my placenta, and a ‘threatened pregnancy’. At that stage, we were told by our GP that there was a good chance we would lose our baby, and that this was probably because the baby had some sort of problem.

I asked GOD to help us, and I basically told GOD to do what he wanted. Shortly after, my bleeding stopped and ultrasounds showed that the placenta had healed and the foetus was growing. At that point, I thanked GOD and thought that I could finally begin to start enjoying my pregnancy.

Shortly after however, on my 12-week scan, the sonographer discovered that our baby had a marker that highly suggested it was going to have serious birth defects/disabilities. I will never forget that scan, and I thank GOD that my husband was standing by my side that day, because I would not have known how to get home in the psychological state that I was in. The sonographer and genetic counsellors we spoke to on that day asserted that our baby was going to be born disabled with a chromosomal abnormality and that we should seriously consider aborting.

Because of our Christian beliefs my husband and I decided we were not going down that path regardless of the outcome. We agreed to have a genetic test done, so as to prepare ourselves as much as possible for what was ahead. We refused an amnion test on our baby, because of the associated high risk of miscarriage. The day after, I was to be the sponsor for my husband’s cousin’s Confirmation and I could not stop crying during Mass. I asked GOD for the pending results to come back negative for any chromosomal abnormalities, and it was at that point that the name ISAIAH came to my mind. (Read More)