Caroline Springs, VIC
Canonically Erected: 18 January 2006


"An inclusive, welcoming and dynamic faith-filled Catholic Community, living and sharing the Gospel, to set the world ablaze."

Important Notice:
Sunday Mass and all weekday Masses in our schedule are live-streamed or available for replay in our video resources.

On the Pastor's Desk

Message on  the 18th Sunday
in Ordinary Time


My dear people,

I trust you are all keeping safe and well.

As we start the fourth week of restrictions, the level of worry has unfortunately not lessened. I do not mean to be an alarmist but this situation in which we find ourselves is serious indeed. [Read more]


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The parish is not accepting new baptism enrollments whilst Covid-19 restrictions are in place.


We will announce via this website and the parish's other social media platforms the date when we are starting to accept new enrollments.



Melbourne Catholic names SCSP website as one of the best in the archdiocese

The Melbourne Catholic online magazine cites St Catherine of Siena Parish (SCSP) website as one of the "good parish websites" in the Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne. [Read more]

Light in the midst of darkness:
A message from Archbishop Peter A Comensoli

Archbishop Peter A Comensoli has recorded a message for the faithful, encouraging us to continue to pray for and support one another during this difficult time. Despite the challenges of returning to Stage 3 restrictions, the Archbishop says he's been encouraged by 'light amid darkness' – such as the work done by the Flemington Kensington Parish to support locals affected by the hard lockdown of apartment towers.

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