Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we have Children's Liturgy?
The Children’s Liturgy is the Liturgy of the Word suitably adapted to make it relevant to the lives and experiences of young children. It gives them the opportunity to understand the Gospel message and participate in the Eucharistic Celebration at their own level.

When does Children's Liturgy take place?
Children's Liturgy takes place each Sunday during the 10:30am Mass.

What ages can attend?
All primary school children from Prep to Grade 6 are welcome. No pre-registration is required.

What happens in the Children's Liturgy?
The children listen to the gospel at their own level to discuss, share and enjoy activity worksheets that reflect the message of the gospel.

Where is the Children's Liturgy celebrated?
Children's Liturgy takes place in the meeting rooms inside the Church (near the main assembly), where the leaders escort the children to either the Prep-2 or Grade 3-6 room.

How long does the Children's Liturgy go for?
The Children's Liturgy commences at the beginning of Mass when the priest invites the children to the front of the altar for a blessing. The children return after the Prayers of the Faithful.

Who leads Children's Liturgy?
Each session is led by two volunteers (leader and helper) who are parishioners from our Parish. They form part of a team who dedicate their time to prepare and present the Children's Liturgy.

I am interested to volunteer as a Leader or Helper. How do I join?
You are most welcome to join us. If you are interested in joining the Children's Liturgy, please apply via 'Join a Ministry' or contact the Parish Office for more information.

Those volunteering in this ministry need to have a Working with Children Check, which is obtained free of charge.

As a leader or helper volunteer, how many sessions will I have?
You would most likely be rostered for 1 or 2 Sundays per month, depending on the number of volunteers that rotate. A roster is emailed with all the roster dates in advance.

When do the youth gather?
The youth gather on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month from 6-7pm.

What ages can attend?
Ages 14 – young adults

What are happens in Youth Group?
The youth come together to discuss, reflect, share and inspire each other about a Catholic life and through workshops, chats, activities, prayer, team challenges, games, sports and fun challenges

Where do the Youth meetup?
Inside the Church gathering space.

Can I be a Youth leader volunteer?
If you are interested to volunteer with us, please click via 'Join a Ministry' or contact the Parish Office for more information. Alternatively you can email the youth group at

Are refreshments provided?
Light refreshments such as snacks and drinks are provided at each Youth gathering.

When is the Youth Mass?
Every 2nd Sunday of the month.

Where can I receive updates?
Follow us on Instagram @stcatherineygcs or on our Facebook page. You can see our upcoming events here on the Parish website.