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For the nurturing and constant growth of the People of God, Christ the Lord instituted in His Church a variety of ministries, which work for the good of the whole body. For those ministers, who are endowed with sacred power, serve their brethren, so that all who are of the People of God, and therefore enjoy a true Christian dignity, working toward a common goal freely and in an orderly way, may arrive at salvation.

-- VATICAN II, Lumen Gentium, no. 18


Rev. Fr Richard Rosse

Parish Priest


FATHER Richard is the third parish priest appointed to St Catherine of Siena Parish. He was born in Mauritius. He moved to Australia in 1998 for his tertiary education at Monash University and graduated with a Bachelor of Business in 2002. Also in 2002, he attended World Youth Day in Toronto, Canada.

It was there that Fr Richard experienced God in a very personal way. On returning to Australia he became more involved in his local parish, including daily Mass and prayer which brought him close to Jesus Christ and started him thinking that he may be called to be a priest.

Fr Richard joined Corpus Christi Seminary in 2004. He was ordained at St Patrick’s Cathedral on 11th September 2010 and celebrated his Thanksgiving Mass at St Kevin’s Church, Hampton Park.

Prior to his appointment to St Catherine of Siena Parish, Fr Richard was the assistant priest and master of ceremonies at the Cathedral. He also served as assistant priest at St Anthony’s Parish, Noble Park for two years.


Rev Chris Creo, Parish DeaconRev. Fr Simeon Anthony

Assistant Priest


My name is Simeon Anthony. I was ordained a priest for the Archdiocese of Melbourne last 5 December and appointed assistant priest for our parish of St Catherine of Siena, Caroline Springs. I am the second of four children with one older sister and two younger sisters. I was born and raised in Yangon, Myanmar (Burma). Most of my family live in my homeland.

The question I am often asked is how did you come to realize you had a priestly vocation? It all started with the formative influences of my life. For example, my grandparents and parents transmitted a strong Catholic faith which now is anchored in my heart. Through a small community of “family”, we prayed the Rosary before our home altar. As a boy, I loved to lead the prayers and sing Marian hymns as I joined in the Mass and prayer in my local church. These are the foundations of my faith.

The second major influence was the life of parish priests and nuns who so generously served others. Through this, I started to wonder if God was also calling me to care, love and serve His people. There was a particular moment that had a profound influence on my life. It was the day of my uncle’s ordination to the priesthood. On this day, I felt something which I cannot express in words. I was eleven years old and from that time, I prayed after every Sunday-Mass for God to reveal His will to me.

Responding to His call and to discern more deeply my vocation, I entered the seminary in Myanmar. While I was studying philosophy there, I was invited to serve the Church in the Archdiocese of Melbourne. Divine providence is a mystery to me, but I simply followed the direction where I felt Christ was leading me.

Aware of my strengths, weaknesses, talents, and limitations, while all the time, knowing the love of God has for me. I believe He is asking me to share this love with his people as his priest. I am particularly grateful for the welcome and acceptance I received from the people of the Archdiocese of Melbourne and the local Myanmar community.

Please continue to pray for me so that I may be able to live up to the challenges of this world for the service of God’s people now and into the future. 

Previous Parish Clergy





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Founding Parish Priest





Rev. Fr Joseph Olickal, MC

Parish Priest
January - September 2017





Rev. Chris Creo

Parish Deacon 

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