Parish Pastoral Council - A Question/Quick Wins

Members of the Parish Pastoral Council were asked to come up with some questions addressing any of the following:

- Providing an answer or information
- Making an improvement
- Introducing something new
- Fixing a problem

A total of 37 questions were put forward by the Councillors. The PPC went through the list of questions and addressed the first 14 that members deemed were of priority as follows:

1. How come we don't have a dedicated day for Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament? (Tuesdays half an hour before mass don't count). Could we have Adoration at least once a month from 6.00pm to midnight and have the various ministries lead the prayers for half an hour slots?
Starting Tuesday 5 December, the first Tuesday of Advent, there would be Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament from 6pm - 7pm.

2. Is it possible/what can we do to alter the gathering space so that it is a part of the Mass and maintains the solemnity of the service?
Not possible to alter the gathering space but will keep the doors open during Mass.

3. Could communion be received under both forms, especially on significant days?
No as it runs the risk of spilling the Precious Blood.

4. Apart from “Time & Talent” Sunday during stewardship campaigns, should there be a specific weekend or two set aside each year to recruit for ministries?
Yes, it was agreed that it would be good to recruit more people. This should commence in December. It was suggested that a pamphlet could be attached to the bulletin.

6. Where are the “Welcome Packs” kept in the Gathering Space?
Out on the table, left of the entrance, in the Gathering Space.

7. Should we have a liturgical ministry (committee)?
Yes, this has been formed and we will move forward with the Liturgical ministry.

8. How often do liturgy based ministries have a meeting/training session?
This question would be referred to the Liturgical ministry.

9. Should choirs practice during the 30 minutes before Mass or allow that time for silent prayer and preparation?
The choir can practice before Mass but must stop at least 10 minutes before Mass begins. This has been conveyed to the music ministry.

10. Apart from the greeters handing out the bulletin, should there be any other welcoming process for current parishioners and especially new parishioners?
Yes, it has been proposed that the Custodians also be ushers. Father Richard will speak to them.

11. How can we make the gathering space a place for parishioners to get to know each other before and after Mass? (Can we keep the doors closed until maybe 10 minutes before Mass starts?)
The onus is on the people. It was agreed that the doors should not be kept closed.

12. How often do the coordinators of all the Parish ministries meet?
They should meet at least once per year. Father Richard will discuss with the different ministries.

13. Is there any possibility that another mass schedule will be added on Sunday afternoon?
No to another Mass on Sunday afternoon.

14. Is it possible for current parish volunteers to focus their involvement to one liturgical ministry/group (How can we spread ministry work to other parishioners)?
Yes it was agreed that volunteers should participate in only one ministry activity per Mass (Choirs excepted).