Parish Pastoral Plan

Proposed Vision & Mission

At the Parish Pastoral Council Meeting on Wednesday 5th September 2018, the Pastoral Plan Task Group proposed the following Vision and Mission statements, which were accepted by the full Council.


 “An inclusive, welcoming and dynamic faith-filled Catholic community, living and sharing the Gospel, to set the world ablaze.”


To achieve our Parish Vision, we will:

  • Energetically rejoice in and openly express our faith.
  • Warmly welcome everyone, and nurture and foster greater involvement.
  • Enthusiastically celebrate the Eucharist.
  • Actively immerse ourselves in the life of our Parish activities.
  • Joyfully proclaim the Gospel of Christ.
  • Compassionately serve the needs of others.
  • Lovingly cultivate and strengthen fraternal bonds in our Parish Community.
  • Inspire, motivate and empower people as parish leaders.


We want YOU involved in the development of the Pastoral Plan. Please Click Here and give us your feedback about the proposed Parish Vision & Mission.

Pastoral Activity Categories
(Ranking Result)

After significant input from Parishioners, the Pastoral Categories have now been ranked in order of importance. They are listed below from the most important down to the not quite as important.

All Pastoral Categories are integral to the development of the Pastoral Plan and all will be addressed in it. However, there will be slightly more emphasis placed on the more important Categories and slightly less on the less important ones.

  1. Spirituality & Faith Formation – to nurture people spiritually in their community and help to growing their faith – prayer groups and bible study groups, teachings, missions, retreats – Lent & Advent reflection days and sacramental preparation courses – Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA)
  2. Liturgy– the celebration of the Eucharistic and other services – to ensure conscious, active and full participation from all present – the choice and arranging of readings, music and liturgical rites at every service – the prudent use of artistic elements to enhance the beauty of the Worship Space.
  3. Welcoming & Hospitality – to ensure the Parish is somewhere people can feel comfortable – where they are treated in a fair and friendly manner - where they can always ask for help if needed -  where there is always a smiling face and a friendly greeting to give a warm welcome to regulars and newcomers alike.
  4. Community Building – to build relationships amongst Parishioners – to energise and stimulate vitality in Parish management, programs and activities – to foster a deeper sense of belonging and strengthen identity as a Parishioner – to generate greater enthusiasm for participation in Parish programs and activities.
  5. Evangelisation – to spread the Good News in the local community – to witness to the Gospel by being a good example to others – to build relationships with lapsed Catholics and people of other denominations and faiths – to utilise sacramental programs, social events and outreach services to spread the Word.
  6. Leadership – by both ordained and secular – to play key roles in Parish vitality – to inspire, motivate and empower people to participate actively in Parish life – to work collaboratively for the development of community.
  7. Outreach – to provide service and assistance to the wider local community – to form links with government agencies and community groups, e.g. Caritas, Catholic Mission, SVDP – to support the needs of overseas community through funding for building projects, education and other development needs.

Draft of SWOT Analysis Results

As presented at the Parish Meeting 23rd May 2018

BEFORE looking at the SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) detail, you should consider the following points which were presented by Anson Pereira at the Parish Meeting.

  • All information has come from submissions made by Pastoral Councillors and Parishioners.
  • In total, there were 31 submissions which filled 59 A4 pages
  • If you made a submission for the Pastoral Plan, you probably won’t see any direct quotes from your submission because the frequently mentioned items have been summarised and consolidated.
  • Many of the submissions suggested specific actions that will be considered in a different section of the plan.
  • An item could appear as both a strength and a weakness or as both an opportunity and a threat.
  • There are no right or wrong answers, they are the opinions submitted.
  • The Pastoral Plan is a living document whereby the listed items are subject to change as circumstances and situations change in the Parish.


The Parish is enhanced by:

  1. Dynamic and diverse multicultural community, deeply focused on historically traditional Catholic up-bringing and teaching.
  2. Masses and Liturgical services are generally well attended by Parishioners who are reasonably serious and dedicated about living out their Faith and commitment.
  3. Stable core of longstanding parishioners who are extremely dedicated in sharing their gifts and talents in leadership and service of the various ministries and activities.
  4. Newly appointed, energetic and enthusiastic, Parish Priest, supported by a Deacon/pastoral associate and long-established parish staff.
  5. Strong foundation of active ministries, which plays a significant role in building the faith and life of our Parish.
  6. Strong sacramental programs enhancing the faith community.
  7. Young, vibrant, growing, community.
  8. New, modern and contemporary Church building centrally located.


The Parish is diminished by:

  1. Loss of stable clergy.
  2. Exclusiveness and lack of cohesion and collaboration in our ministries, which restricts participation and parishioners’ inclination to volunteer.
  3. Lack of effective outreach, evangelical, charismatic, faith, and spiritual formation programs.
  4. Lack of participation in Parish events.
  5. Disconnect between the Parish and the school communities.
  6. Limited sources of income.
  7. Poor parish identity within the church and the wider community.
  8. Parish is not seen to be welcoming enough and lukewarm engagement with fellow parishioners.
  9. Minimal engagement by parishioners apart from Mass attendance.
  10. Lack of statues and icons in the church or worship space.


There is an opportunity for:

  1. Establishment of more ministerial groups, building upon the core diverse base of committed and gifted regular parishioners.
  2. Occasions of social gatherings and parishioner bonding.
  3. Greater interaction and outreach with Parish schools/college, disengaged families, youth and the local lapsed Catholic Community.
  4. Expansion of revenue sources.
  5. Growth of the music ministry outside of liturgical parameters.
  6. Investment in the younger generation.
  7. Education and spiritual growth.
  8. Astute utilisation of technology and social media.
  9. Ministering to a growing community.


Limit the negative or inhibiting effects of:

  1. Vibrancy of alternative religious organisations.
  2. Continuing attachment to previous Parish Communities.
  3. Negative image and publicity of the Catholic Church.
  4. Low priority given to religion and spiritual life.
  5. Belief that medicine, science and technology can meet all spiritual needs.
  6. Stagnation in the knowledge and the practices of the Catholic faith.
  7. Natural resistance to change.
  8. Affluent society.
  9. Government policy.

At the Parish Meeting, there was limited time for interactive discussion at times. If you have a comment or question about anything in the draft SWOT that you wish to put forward, please submit it via the website feedback link and we will respond.

There will be opportunities for further discussion at future meeting/workshops on the Pastoral Plan.


Pastoral Plan Task Group